Two Good Dogs

My sister has two good dogs, wait, GREAT dogs!  Not only are their dispositions shining examples of what their breeds should be (Maggie is a Labrador retriever and Cash is a German shepherd), they are good around knitting.

Remember Alfred and his fascination with my yarn? Naughty dog.  Sadly, Alfie is no longer with us and went to the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago.

Let me back up.  My sister and her husband bring Cash and Maggie to the Outer Banks to join the family on our annual vacation there.  That used to be Alfred’s domain.

Cash and Maggie kept us company in the OBX.  They were well behaved around my knitting, and well behaved in general!  Of course, they were curious, and I let them sniff the yarn and such, but after that, they lost interest after the realized they couldn’t eat it.


The only time I thought there was going to be trouble was when I brought out of crazy skein of yellow yarn.  Maggie’s ear’s perked up as much as a lab’s can.  She sniffed it, I told her she can’t eat it, and they she lost interest and proceeded to lay down between the couch and the end table nearby.  Good girl!!!

Cash, on the other, really just ignored my knitting altogether.  Good boy!


Those are the two good dogs I got to hang out with last week.  I miss having dogs around.

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