Art and Interacting with Kids

My friend Mary is an art teacher, and is currently working with students at the Quarryville Public Library in Quarryville, PA, USA by having them create ATC’s, which is sort for artist trading cards.  Artists and members of community are being encouraged to create ATC’s themselves, and to send the cards to the library, and, in return, you’ll get cards back for the kids.  It’s a great way to encourage and interact with kids through art!  Learn more about this great program over on my artist page on Facebook.  Don’t hesitate to participate!

I sent in five cards, and if return, I received five back.  Top image was created by Frances N., and is titled “Do What You Want After All You Choose :).  The smiley face is included in the title she wrote on the back of the card.  I love it!

Here are the other cards.  I really like them!  It’s great to see the creativity and thought process kids and other artists have with these ATC’s.

"Ducky Paddle" by Hannah Keeler
“Ducky Paddle” by Hannah Keeler


"Stars" by RKennedy
“Stars” by RKennedy


"A Not So Cool Design" by Sarah
“A Not So Cool Design” by Sarah


"Ow! Owwie!" by Emily Miller
“Ow! Owwie!” by Emily Miller


I love these, right down to the titles.  Thanks, Quarryville Public Library!

ATC’s aren’t hard to do, really.  Follow the instructions in the article to find out how to make your own.  You can also buy ATC sized paper at craft and art stores.

Get busy and start creating!  For those fiber artists out there, think outside the box.  All that scrap yarn from woven ends and tangled messes?  Cut it up and think of what you can do with that!  Add some glitter paint, and you have some pretty cool art.

Go create art!!



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