Let’s Connect on Spoonflower!

I have been having fun designing fabric around some of my original colored pencil drawings over on Spoonflower.  Have an account over there?  Let’s connect!My designs aren’t for sale right now, but as soon as the samples I am getting are proofed, they should be.  Still, I’d love to see what you are doing on Spoonflower, too.

Ah, the proofs.  That’s the one catch I’m not a big fan about on Spoonflower.  You have to buy at least a fat quarter size piece of fabric with your print on it to review before you can sell it.  I can see what they do that;  they want good, quality work that works well as a fabric on their site.  Still, that about $10.00 per square…..hmmm.

On the other hand, their editing and social media tools seem great!  I’ve enjoyed playing with their tools to see how I can get my designs to look their best.  They’ve even integrated with PicMonkey which I use anyway, to make your stuff even look more spiffy.

I’m using drawing that I’ve done, like the funky tulip up there.  If you want to see more of my drawings, head on over to my Facebook page where I feature them.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would!

Otherwise, let me know if you’re over on Spoonflower.  Leave your shop link in the comments so others can take a look, too.

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