Unintentionally AWOL

Readers, I am truly sorry for going unintentionally AWOL.  Really.  I have been experiencing creative blocks not only in writing, but in my knitting, photography, and art, as well.  I can’t seem to start a project, and if I do, it takes a lot of effort.

I have been knitting, but have felt that what I have been doing isn’t worth writing about.  I have a shawl to photograph for LoveKnitting.com, and I can seem to find the motivation to do so.  I am stuck.

Life has been really busy, at work and at home.  I know, excuses.  I hope the picture above placates you with cute doggos.  The one standing is mine, Sputnik, and the golden retriever belongs to our neighbor.  The dog’s name is Ella.

I’m hoping that by writing this I’m make a breakthrough in the creative wall I have hit.  Perhaps when I hit the publish button, a weight will be lifted off me.

Have you ever dealt with a creative wall?  How did you get past it?  Any advice?

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