About Me

Hello there!  My name is Jenn, and I’m the madwoman behind Rock Star Knitting.  I slvc jenntarted knitting in 2010, and a music lover most of my life.

Music and knitting have been awesome outlets for me. Though knitting did make my cry when I started, it now brings me a HUGE sense of accomplishment.  Music is my catharsis.  Louder and heavier, the better!  Well, knitting is, too.

I also crochet.  I should add that.

Besides knitting, I love photography, hooping, and reading comic books.  I also do colored pencil and pastel drawings.  I live with my husband and dog in Pennsylvania.

Other places to find me?  I’m on Ravelry as jennabee25.

Hooping stuff?  jennabeehoops.com.

Rock on.

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