Aunt Suzy

My Aunt Suzy rocks.  Keep in mind, my whole family rocks, but today I’m going to focus on Aunt Suzy.  She’s an artist, teacher, and traveler.  She takes old things, ideas, and cultures, and gives them a new look or point of view.  And that, for me, is a great purpose for a do-it-yourselfer.  Read […]

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Crafting Then and Now

This past Saturday I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and got to admire work from artisans of the past, and it made me think of their crafting legacy.  Crafting used to be a way of life for a lot of people, truly a DIY effort.  Being an artisan was a source […]

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Jenn’s Easy Curry Recipe

I figured I’d do something a little different today.  How about a simple recipe?  This is Jenn’s Simple Curry, which was made from ingredients that I already had, including the random vegetables.  It’s a vegetarian meal, too.  I always have curry paste and a can of coconut milk on hand in case I need to […]

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October Crafting Ideas

October is one of my favorite times of year.  Well, mostly because my birthday is in the month, but it’s when fall really kicks into gear without being too cold and quite pretty with the foliage.  It’s a great time to get crafting, and here are some ideas that I have come across, along with […]

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