Crocheting Like a Mad Woman

Sometimes I like to mix things up and do a little crochet for a while.  This past weekend I was crocheting like a mad woman!  I finished the above elephant, yes, that’s what it’s supposed to be, and did another project, too. What really inspired me to do this was to up my crochet game […]

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Feathery Fascinators

I was recently in a dance recital, and my partner and I for one of the numbers I were in needed something for our hair.  We decided to wear black and red, and our choreographer suggested pretty fascintors.  I thought, hey, I can make those!  So I did.  Feathery fascinators are fun to make, and […]

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Complete and Utter Failure

Ever spend an entire day on one project, make a mistake, and realize that entire thing needs to be scrapped?  Yeah, that was my Sunday. I was working on a piece of a baby sweater, and totally forgot to bind off on part of the sleeves for the one side.  It’s in yarn, too, that’s […]

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Stash Flash: WUL Haul

Wahoo!  New yarn! The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project (WUL) received a HUGE yarn donation to be turned into items that are handcrafted for the scarf bombings.  Angelia has already had one donation distribution, and is planning on another THIS WEDNESDAY (May 18, 2016) in the Lancaster, PA A.C. Moore’s parking lot facing Oregon Pike, 5PM-6:30PM.  […]

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3 Stash Diving Lessons Learned

I need to face it; I have a large yarn stash.  I think all knitters do, really. Lately, for inspiration, I’ve diving through my stash to get ideas.  It’s been a good exercise to find things that I had initially forgot about, really.  I tend to grab yarn from same bin right beside my spot […]

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3 Green Things

Saint Patrick’s Day is tomorrow.  Having red hair and loving the color green, it’s a color scheme that fits me.  I LOVE GREEN. I want to share three projects from the past, not including the cable practice swatch above, that feature the color green.  Erin Go Bragh! Emerald Isle Headband   Kollobora used to do […]

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Put a Bird on it!

And call it art! Man, I love Portlandia. We had a massive snowstorm here over the weekend.  Since I wasn’t going anywhere, I decided to paint the birdhouse my father-in-law gave me a while ago to paint.  I should’ve done it sooner, really. I also have some lovely step-by-step photos of the process it took […]

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Book Giveaway!

Note:  I am giving away this book purely to declutter.  The giveaway is not in association with the author or publisher. I’ll be honest.  I never bonded with this book, so that’s why I’m giving it away to one lucky winner here.  Perhaps you will be able to learn from it and use it. If […]

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Photography for Crafters

  As I’ve said before, I love it when crafting and photography combine.  Recently, I got a book about both, surprisingly.  It’s Interweave’s The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos:The Best Techniques for Showcasing Your Handmade Creations.  I have to say, it’s a great book!  Lots of great tips, tricks for doing fancy lighting tricks […]

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